Course Update


This evening we finished marking the transition area for North to South and vise verse (with marking paint).  So, for the most part the course is completely marked and can be ridden.  You are looking at just over a 13 mile loop using both the north and south courses!

attached is just a map of the north side. The south side will most likely be a full clockwise lap A couple of notes:

* Final marking will be completed the week before the race

* Currently the North side gate is locked so you will want to continue to park on at the south side parking area

* there is still (2) fences up; 1 after the rock garden area and 1 heading into Deans Demise

* the other major one is as you head out of the north towards the south part way down the hill.  PLEASE BE CAREFUL!

* The area around the dining hall still needs to be marked off but after going past the dining hall, take the 2nd levy and then go right behind the camp store then up the gravel road.

* Be careful on some of the downhill section;  a few of them are a little bit rough from the rain and equestrian traffic.  I rode them all so it easily doable.
Feel free to share this with others that you know ride!
You will continue to see improvement with the trails on the North side as the weeks progress leading up to the race Any questions or comments please let me know and I will share them with the IMB group.

Alan Johnson

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