Ingawanis Mounting Biking Committee
Overview of Rules Governing the Mounting Biking Committee and Program

Winnebago Council
Boy Scout of America

January 2007

1). Name
The designated name of this committee will be the Ingawanis Mountain Bikers (IMBC). Members of this Council Committee will be known as Mountain Bikers.

2). Mission of Committee
The mission of the IMBC is to promote and facilitate the safe, responsible and controlled use of the Camp Ingawanis mountain bikes and biking trail system.

3). Authority of the Committee
The IMBC is under the direction and coordination of the Council Properties Committee and will be subject to the Constitutions and by-laws of the Winnebago Council and the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America. The Mountain Bikers in the Scouting program will manage the bikes at all times of the year except when Boy Scout Resident Camp and Cub Scout Day Camp are in session. The Mountain Bikers will manage this program at all other times.

4). Executive Officers of the Committee
The IMBC will be governed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership. The number of Directors will be five (5). Directors will serve for a term of one (1) year and may succeed themselves. The duty of the Board of Directors will be to provide guidance and direction to the IMBC ensuring that the mission of the IMBC is being carried out. The Board of Directors will create policy, create sub-committees, and be accountable to the membership as it relates to the mission of the IMBC.
Any Director may be removed at any time by majority vote of the Board of Directors. The reason for removal will be recorded in the minutes and made available to all members upon request.

The official positions are the following.
A) Chairman: The Chairman will have authority over the general control and management of the business and affairs of the IMBC. The Chairman will sign all documents and agreements on behalf of the IMBC. The Chairman will see that all actions taken by the IMBC are executed and will perform all other duties incident to the office. The Chairman will serve as the Event Coordinator and as such will be responsible for the promotion of any races and the recruiting of people to ensure successful races. After each race an evaluation will be written and placed in the bike racing file for reference by the next year’s Chairman/Event Coordinator. The chairman will execute the by-laws of the Winnebago Council and the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America. The Chairman will appoint replacement Directors when vacancies occur between elections. An officer appointed to fill a vacancy will remain in the position until the next election.
B) Vice Chairman: The Vice-Chairman will assist the Chairman and perform the duties of the Chairman as may be necessary from time to time in the Chairman’s absence. The Vice-Chairman will be responsible to promote all qualifications for membership as prescribed by this committee. In January of each year the Vice-Chairman will submit a yearly budget to the Treasurer.
C) Secretary: The Secretary will be responsible for issuing an agenda for upcoming meetings and disseminating minutes from previous meetings. The Secretary will forward a copy of minutes to the Council Service Center within two weeks of the meeting. In January the Secretary will submit a yearly budget to the Treasurer. The secretary will also serve as the Publicity Chairman and will be responsible for all news releases and publicity as it relates to the IMBC. The Secretary/Publicity Chairman will promote the biking program via mailings to various interested organizations and groups in April. The Secretary will also serve as Historian and will be responsible for the maintenance and updating of the biking historical files. The Secretary/Historian will be responsible for taking or arranging to have taken, pictures of activities held throughout the year and placing them in a scrapbook. The scrapbook will also contain a short write-up of the year’s bike races and events. The Secretary will be responsible for maintaining the Ingawanis Mountain Biking webpage.
D) Treasurer: The Treasurer will (a) have charge and custody and be responsible for all funds and securities of the IMBC; (b) keep full and accurate accounts of receipts and disbursements in books of the IMBC; (c) deposit all moneys and other valuable effects in the name and to the credit of the IMBC depositories Funds in a Custodial Account with the Winnebago Council, in accordance with the by-laws of the Boy Scouts of America;(d) be responsible for collecting membership dues; (e)submit and explain the monthly financial statement at the Board meeting; and (f) perform all duties incident to the office. The Treasurer will submit a yearly budget in February will track this budget with monthly financial statements and report on the financial strengths and concerns of the IMBC.
E) Trail Boss: The Trail Boss will be responsible for overseeing trail building and maintenance. The Trail Boss will supervise all biking programs and will be responsible for the direct supervision and safety of the program. The Trail Boss will schedule a time to meet with summer camp Mountain bikers to review current trail policies. The Trail Boss will recruit and train helpers as needed. Trail Boss Helpers will be responsible for the proper care and maintenance of all bikes and biking equipment pertaining to the biking program. The Scouting Quartermaster will maintain an inventory and make recommendations regarding the proper care and upkeep of program equipment. The Scouting Quartermaster will submit a yearly budget to the Treasurer in January.

5). Election of the Board of Directors
The election of the Board of Directors for the IMBC will be held annually in the month of December. Elections are to be conducted by a majority vote of the members of the Mountain Bikers.

6). Voting Rights of Members
Each voting member will be entitled to one vote on each matter submitted to a vote of the members. If a member is unable to attend a meeting when voting will take place, he or she will be permitted to provide their vote to the Chairman in advance to be counted.

7). Installations of Directors
Installation of newly elected Directors will take place at the first IMBC meeting in the month of January following the elections

8). Membership
A) Selection: All potential candidates for membership into the IMBC will be selected on the basis of insuring safety and abiding by the rules of the trails.
B) Registration: All persons applying for membership must be at least 16 years of age. Written applications are to be submitted to the IMBC Chairman after the applicant agrees to the following:
1. To participate actively in the organization.
2. Abide by the IMBC by-laws and policies.
3. To at all times endorse and adhere to the health and safety requirements of this program.
C) Approval/Revocation of Membership: All applicants for membership or revocation of membership will be subject to approval by the IMBC Board of Directors. Voting for new members or revocation of membership will be by ballot vote and will require a simple majority at a regular board meeting.
D) Dues: The IMBC will collect membership dues at the time an applicant signs the membership form. All membership dues are to be paid by check made payable to the Winnebago Council and can be made at or mailed to the Winnebago Council Service Center. The membership will expire on December 31st of that year if the member joins prior to November 31st. The membership will expire on December 31st of the following year if the member joins after November 31st. Membership dues are non refundable
6). Equipment
A) The use of Boy Scout owned or leased bicycles is under the supervision of the IMBC. Use of these bicycles will require written approval of the Winnebago Council.
B) The IMBC Chairman will appoint a Bike Purchasing Committee to recommend additional bikes and equipment purchases as needed.

A) Bike Riding
1. Riding bicycles on the trails will be limited to persons having a valid membership. If the rider is younger than age sixteen they must be under the supervision of a IMBC member.
2. Helmets are required at all times.
3. Lights are required for riding from one hour before sunset to one hour after sunrise.
4. The posted rules of the trail will be followed at all times. The rules used will be those recognized by the International Mountain Biking Association.
B) Trail Routes
1. Routes of riding trails will be designated by the IMBC and will be established by trail markers. Trail rides are to be conducted at a minimum impact to the wilderness area.
2. All trail routes will be designed to insure maximum safety of riders, and to avoid all activity areas, campsites, and foot trails where reasonably possible.
3. Rides will be conducted in single file and with a sufficient space between riders to assure safe stopping distance.
4. All recommendations for trail routes are to be submitted to the Ingawanis Mountain Biking Committee for approval prior to construction or alteration of the trail.
C) Trail Riding
1. All riders will sign in and out at the sign in board stating name, date, time in, and time out.
D) Non-member Trail Use
1. Non-members will be allowed to use the trails providing they adhere to all IMBC rules and policies which will be posted at the trail head.
2. Non members will sign day-pass envelopes and deposit the envelope in the collection box after removing one copy to be carried with them at all times.
E) Mountain Biking Season
1. The opening and closing dates for the trail riding season will be determined by the IMBC. Mountain biking is available based on prevailing trail conditions, weather conditions etc. Trail conditions will be considered on a weekly basis for opening and closing of the trails. Trails will be closed for various Scouting events, bow hunting season and other scheduled events.

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