South Side has Trail Markers now !

I wish I had thought to take a picture of our new trail markers. I'm guessing you'll figure out what they are without a picture though - we mountain bikers are a pretty savvy group :)

Markers are in the ground to direct you around on the South Side trails. We are excited to have these in place . It has been talked about for a long time and now it is a reality! It is an attempt on our part to make biking on the trails at Ingawanis a much more fun experience. Getting lost out there should be a thing of the past.

The plan is to have a marker at decision points. So basically, if there is an intersection there will be a marker with an arrow. There are 2 markers that have an arrow for a "more difficult" trail that don't have a trail to go with the arrows yet. This new trail is still being developed. Hopefully it won't be long and it will be more than just flags.

The trails are ride-able now. Not muddy, just a little tacky. Surprisingly, there didn't seem to be much debris on the trails either, at least not the parts where I was. The area that always floods is flooded. There is still plenty of riding out there though. I say if you are up to the nippy weather, head on out there for a ride!!


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