Meeting minutes from Dec 30th 2008

Members present: Casey Dean, Jeremy Bidwell, Paul Meyermann, Rob Walters

Approval of September meeting minutes: Jeremy moved, Paul seconded, motion carried

Old business: Creek crossing grant application was applied for. Cement culverts donated by PLC Church are on site by basement house.

Nomination of board members and Voted to approve:
A) Chairman……..Jeremy Bidwell
B) Vice Chair……Casey Dean
C) Secretary…….. Rob Houlihan
D) Treasure………Paul Meyermann
E) Trail Boss…….Rob Walters

Discussion of :
A) Special Positions:
Ø Race coordinator - Bike Coordinator
Ø Training: - First Aid – Chain Saws
Ø Summer camp races –
Ø Adventure Crew

B) Special Project:
Ø Fences- removal and installation
Ø Pull out trash and Junk around trails
Ø Bike Post Repairs
Ø T-shirts –Mountain Bike Jerseys – Patches
Ø Trail Maps and Trail Signing

A) Third Monday of the month Oct threw June (location to assigned)

Work days:
A) Third Saturday of the month 8 to 12 April, June, August, October
Ø (Getting individuals to be responsible for a date)
Special projects for work days to be set up

Treasures update:
Approval was given to donate $1000 to property committee to be use on a project to be determined. Paul motion, Casey second, motion carried.

Events coming this year – possible dates
A) Trail Run / Time Trial May 2nd
B) Mountain Bike Race May 3rd
C) DU Saturday May 23rd
D) Flat Tire Festival Saturday Oct 10th

Special project assignments
A) CTP Grants Paul will submit application.
B) Sport show planning
C) T-Shirts - Mountain Bike Jerseys
D) Trail Maps and trail signs

Riding Schedule
A) Camp riding Saturday morning-time to be determined
B) Hunting season riding Get Schedule out on web
C) Group rides Set up possible dates
D) Turkey Burn Set up for the Sat of Thanksgiving weekend

Action items for next month: Summer camp races

Next Meeting Date: Monday March 16th 2009 @ 7:00 Maple lodge

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