September minutes

IMB Board Meeting Minutes
Sept 18, 2008

Members Present: Casey Dean, Jeremy Bidwell, Paul Meyermann
Members Absent: Rob Walters, Rob Houlihan
Others Present: Tom Klenske

Casey D to look into getting flyers printed and put into visitor center.
Tom K to look into adventure crew nonprofit sponsor - Bike Tech Racing.
Paul M to issue dollars for Bow Shoot decoy and Lawn mower.
Jeremy and Tom do planning for games and set up for Flat Tire.


August meeting minutes were unanimously approved. (Motion Bidwell, 2nd Dean)
Motion made to purchase 2 year old Commercial Lawn Boy for $100.00. (Motion Meyermann, 2nd Bidwell)

AGENDA ITEM 1 – August meeting minutes were unanimously approved. (Motion Bidwell, 2nd Dean)

AGENDA ITEM 2 – Flat tire Fall Festival (Oct 11th and 12th)

Races –
Races will be held at the usual stating point in front of the director lodge.
Run race will be about 5 miles.
Bike race will use as much of single track trails as possible.
Games and Klunker Race will be held around the director lodge to keep as much of event as possible in one place for best spectator viewing.
Guided rides. Well be held threw out the day. Start times will be posted on sign in board so everyone knows when they are.
Music and Band – Casey will talk to Scott Gall about playing music Saturday night. Have band play about 2 hours.
Camping - Have any interested in camping contact Jeremy to avoid scheduling issues. Camping costs will be determined by individual’s race participation. Casey will check to be sure shower will be left on for campers.
Race Assignments Jeremy will put together a list of needed volunteers.
Trails – Casey D, Paul M and Rob H will work on trail clean up and marking.
Games – Jeremy B and Tom K will work on get games set up.
Klunker Race – Rob W will get Klunker Race together
Food and Fire – Jeremy will get Smore supplies for bon fire.


Paul M will get more maps
Jeremy will get envelopes
Stock extra items in Bike shack
Will look for a good steel cabinet to keep mice out of items.

AGENDA ITEM 4 – Finances
a. Paul M will get $500 advance for Flat Tire Fun Festival
b. Paul M will get $200 target decoy paid
c. Bike Shack improvements will need to have estimates on costs

AGENDA ITEM 5 – Bike Shack
a. Casey D will have Kasey S come up to get measurements of roofing and will see about attending contractor auction for shingles
b. Will need to cut off building at wall and build on a lean too if needed at a later date.

AGENDA ITEM 6 – Trail Improvements and conditions

a. We will put on hold until next meeting.
b. Casey, Paul and Rob H will work on getting trail ready for Flat Tire

AGENDA ITEM 7 – On going special projects

a. T-Shirts – Jerseys Jeremy - Paul
b. Trail Maps and trail Signs Paul – Casey
c. Fence removal and installation Casey – Rob
d. Junk removal around trails Casey
e. Wakosha Creek Bridges
f. Culverts Casey

AGENDA ITEM 8 – New Business and open discussion
a. Purchase 2 year old commercial lawn Boy lawn mower for $100.00
Motion Paul Meyermann 2nd Jeremy Bidwell

Next Meeting will be held at Bike shack/Maple Lodge Thursday Oct 16th 08 @ 7:00

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