Bike Tech will be starting up new, low-key group rides starting Sunday, April 13th. The plan is to introduce road and mountain biking to interested people in the area.
Group rides will start out with mountain biking on Sundays and Wednesdays and will add road biking in the weeks to follow as temps increase.
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* Mountian bike group rides *
Sundays - meet at shop at 4:30pm/start riding at 5-ish(feel free to ride up). We'll figure transportation of people/bikes up to camp depending on who has vehicles and racks.
Wednesdays - meet at shop at 6:30. We'll ride local trails such as Ulrich, GW/Hartman, and Katowski.
Purpose(s): * Get people in the area excited about mountain biking * Show people the numerous local trails * Promote proper technique and etiquette * Create network of people to ride with of similar ability levels * Build membership for IMB * Have fun
Format: Non-competitive, friendly group ride. We stop to help with mechanicals/flat tires. No riders left behind with regroup at trail heads. Smaller groups may form with riders of similar ability.
Fine Print: Mountain bikes, helmet, and trail passes REQUIRED.

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