Up side Down Du in the books

This weekend will be the first official off-road duathlon hosted by Jeff Slade of Cedar Valley Adventure and held at Camp Ingawanis. We are planning on running it in the same manner as the XC MTB race was last weekend, hopefully without the rain, and need some volunteers. Plans are to set up course and do any trailwork that is needed on Saturday and then race setup and implementation on Sunday. We will meet in the Craft area / archery range shelters on both days at 7am. Please let me know if you can offer help on Saturday and/or Sunday. Course marshalls will be a real plus on this event to help insure it's success for CVA.

Carl will also have MTB memberships on hand for those that still need them. Remember that beginning in 2007 memberships are REQUIRED for EVERYONE to ride at camp.

Off road Duathlon -Bike/Run/Bike format- all info HERE

Results HERE
Photos HERE

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