Thanks goes out to all who participated and all of those who helped volunteer!!

Special Thanks to Kim Pierce for photographing both Saturday and Sunday's events. Additional pics and video to come.

IMBCS Race #2 2008 Results

Expert Men Open 5 Laps

1st Cam Kirkpatrick 1:56:47
2nd Cully Todd 2:00:43
3rd Ben Shockey 2:04:43
4th Scott Gall 2:06:49
5th Jay Chesterman 2:07:22
6th Mike Johnson 2:28:13

Expert Women Open 5 Laps

1st Sarah Gall 2:32:50
2nd Robin Williams 2:40:35

Expert Men 35+ 5 Laps

1st Dominic Moraniec 2:18:07
2nd Bruce Reese 2:33:17

Sport Men Open 3 Laps

1st Aaron Robinett 1:17:39
2nd Keith Snoop 1:25:59
3rd Jody Gorsh 1:26:54
4th Ryan Tenge 1:30:42
5th Kyle Williams 1:32:11
6th Bruce Brown 1:33:06
7th Chris Hemmen 1:33:40
8th Andrew Best 1:34:47
9th Christopher Ridder 1:43:05
10th Jess Rusch 1:55:53

Sport Single Speed 3 Laps

1st Kent Carlson 1:15:53
2nd Kevin McConnell 1:17:45
3rd Kyle Sedore 1:21:25
4th Adam Blake 1:22:01
5th John LaRue 1:30:29
6th Nick Soboenski 1:32:55
7th Taylor Webb 1:35:46
8th Paul Jacobson 1:37:52
9th Chris Hansen 1:44:32

Sport Master 35- over 3 Laps

1st Steve Bullerman 1:22:55
2nd Marty"Martini" Larson 1:28:19
3rd Daniel Galles 1:29:04
4th Jeff Anker 1:29:23
5th Jeffrey Klein 1:34:02
6th Jason Plunkett 1:36:02
7th Chris Congdon 1:42:40
8th Tim Wielinski 2:02:48
9th Steve Fuller 2:06:21
10th Mike Lebeda 2:11:21
11th David Long DNF

Sport Master 45- over 3 Laps

1st Jim Logan 1:27:13
2nd Phillip Curran 1:27:47
3rd John Adamson 1:29:46
4th David Fish 1:36:02
5th William Feiges 1:40:05
6th Paul Varnum 1:54:48
7th Paul Meyermann 1:58:54
8th Bruce Neil DNF
9th Dan Rekemeyer DNF

Sport Women Open 3 Laps

1st Sandy Kessler 1:43:32

Sport Women Master 35-over 3 Laps

1st Sally Logan 1:58:41

Junior Boys 18 under 3 Laps

1st William Rekemeyer 2:06:51

Beginner Men 1 Lap

1st Allan Conor 27:43
2nd Chad Yoeckel 33:38
3rd Kurt Benson 38:00

4th David Quackenbush DNF

Beginner Women 1 Lap

1st Kathleen Porter 34:01

2nd Kristin Reese 36:04

Youth 9-12 Kid’s 1.2 mile course

1st Ethan Bidwell 0:09:01
2nd Connor Houlihan 0.09:46
3rd Garrett Dean 0.11:00

Youth- under 9

1st Mia Houlihan 0.01:00
2nd Kaelee Dean 0.01:30

Brent Johnson, owner of Bike Tech doing his best Ghost rider impression during the TT's.
Ingawanis Trail Run
Same course as XC and TT races
1st Scott Gall 0:32:29
2nd Kasey Schmitt 0:32:30
3rd Ryan Nevin 0:33:18
4th Terry Looby 0:38:14
5th Chris Hemmen 0:41:51
6th Rodger Degroot 0:43:55
7th Troy Rand 0:44:01
8th Tim Wielinski 0:46:56
9th Jesse Kusch 0:49:12
1st Sarah Gall 0:35:44
2nd Kelly Sampson 0:38:12
3rd Phyllis Baker 0:56:03
4th Phyllis Frost 1:00:32
Mountain Bike Time Trials 1 lap
Scott Gall 0:23:44 Expert Men Open 1st in class
Aaron Robinett 0:25:25 SS Sport 1st in class
Steve Bullerman 0:27:41 Sport Master 35+ 1st in class
Sarah Gall 0:28:21 Expert Women Open 1st in class
Adam Blake 0:28:52 SS Sport 2nd in class
Robin Williams 0:29:48 Expert Women Open 2nd in class
Chris Hemmen 0:30:16 SS Sport 3rd in class
Jeffrey Klein 0:31:02 Sport Master 35+ 2 in class
Kyle Williams 0:31:14 Sport Open Men 1st in class
Paul Meyermann 0:39:27 Beginner Men 1st in class
Karmen Woelber 0:52:05 Beginner Women 1st in class
Brent Johnson DNF SS Sport -mechanical